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NewsHawks freezes military story

20 Feb, 2024

What happened

Online investigative publication The NewsHawks says due to circumstances beyond its control it will not be publishing follow-up stories involving three army generals after reportedly receiving “subtle threats and direct pressure” from state security agents.

According to the editor of The NewsHawks, the follow-up stories pertain to three Zimbabwean army generals reportedly forced out of the army due to corruption.

The publication said they took the decision in the interest of the safety and wellbeing of its reporters after being informed by “top Defence House impeccable sources” that the issue has raised serious concerns and alerts in terms of the gravity of the substance and sourcing.

“As a result, The NewsHawks journalists have now been put under surveillance, especially News Editor Owen Gagare, in a move which has chilling effect on media freedom and journalism practice,” said the editor.


MISA's position

MISA Zimbabwe urges the responsible authorities and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces to guarantee the safety and security of The NewsHawks’ journalists.

The intimidation of journalists conducting their lawful and constitutionally guaranteed professional responsibilities instils fear and self-censorship in the media and compromises its watchdog role over the three arms of the state and holding those who wield power to account.

The safety and security of media workers is therefore of paramount importance in that regard.

We therefore urge aggrieved parties to lodge their complaints with the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe or the Zimbabwe Media Commission for redress as opposed to issuing chilling and detrimental threats against the media.

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