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MISA Zimbabwe Media Alert

Media freedom monitoring assists the organisation to compile accurate and detailed information and records on abuses or progress being made towards a free, independent, diverse and pluralistic media.

MEDIA ALERTS: Click here to view all media violations and victories.

Media law reform and regulation

The programme involves lobbying and advocacy of relevant stake holders for recognition of a free media environment.

Media freedom, independence and diversity

In this programme area, MISA Zimbabwe seeks to promote a free, independent and diverse media sector.

Access to information

MISA Zimbabwe lobbies for the enactment of democratic access to information.

Freedom of expression 

The programme entails analysis of legislation and policies, and advocates for the ability to freely express your own opinions .

Media & elections

Credible and fair elections are an essential element of democratic societies, and as such, the media plays a pivotal role in ensuring greater transparency and accountability during the election process.

Media support

MISA Zimbabwe provides legal support for media personnel and also provides training to enhance media accountability, professionalism and ensure the safety and security of journalists. 

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