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Lupane journalist faces cyberbullying charges

24 Oct, 2022

What happened

Journalist Thembelihle  Mhlanga  was on 24 October 2022 summoned to Lupane  police station in Matabeleland North where the police recorded his warned and cautioned statement on allegations of cyberbullying under the Cyber and Data Protection Act.

This follows a video clip which Mhlanga posted on his Facebook account on 10 October 2022.

According to Mhlanga he recorded a video of two women who were allegedly assaulting a ‘teenager’ in public, which he then posted on his social media account.

He said the police said they would advise him on when he will be appearing in court.

Lawyer, Nqobani Sithole, deployed by MISA Zimbabwe,  confirmed that the warned and cautioned statement had been recorded.


MISA's position

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