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Journalists assaulted by ZANU PF supporters

17 Jul, 2023

What happened

Annahstacia Ndlovu a Bulawayo based journalist together with two  other journalists was on 17 July 2023 reportedly assaulted by Zanu PF supporters while covering skirmishes in the city between vendors and supporters of the party.

The other two are freelance journalists Pamenus Tuso and Lungelo Ndlovu. Ndlovu said she filed a report of the assault at Bulawayo Central Police Station. 

According to Ndlovu, she was approached by two of the supporters and asked to identify herself. She was then instructed to stop filming the skirmishes and her phone was taken away from her and the footage deleted from her device. 

Her phone was damaged in the process. 

She said her alleged assailants went on to slam her against one of the trucks that were parked nearby and she sustained injuries to her abdomen. The other journalists had by then fled the scene fearing for their safety.


MISA's position

MISA Zimbabwe urges the police to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book as this will send a strong message to would-be other perpetrators that crimes against journalists conducting their lawful duties will not be tolerated.

We also implore journalists and other media workers to exercise extreme caution in line with the profession’s safety and security manuals when covering potentially volatile situations.

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