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Journalist injured, equipment damaged at rally

1 Mar, 2022

What happened

A journalist with HSTV sprained her arm while others had their equipment damaged during a Citizens’ Coalition for Change by-elections campaign rally in Zimbabwe’s Midlands town of Kwekwe on Sunday, 27 February 2022, which was marred by violence.

Journalist Mildret Tinofa reported that she sprained her arm in the ensuing violence and commotions. A camera belonging to her employer, HSTV, was reportedly damaged in the melee that followed the violence.

This happened when a group of assailants charged on the rally resulting in a stampede as those who were in attendance fled towards the stage where the journalists were positioned, leading to the damage and loss of equipment.

According to media reports, police have since arrested 16 suspects in connection with the violence that erupted during the rally.

Thandiwe Garusah and Leopold Munhende, journalists with NewZimbabwe.com website, lost their mobile phones and a tripod camera stand in the ensuing melee.

Robert Tapfumaneyi, a journalist with Sly Media, also had his camera damaged at the rally.

MISA's position

Journalists serve an important role in ensuring that members of the public are informed and have adequate access to information.

MISA Zimbabwe urges the police and political parties to ensure there is always adequate security and protection for the safety of both media workers and members of the public during political rallies and gatherings.

Without adequate coverage of rallies, Zimbabweans will not be able to make informed decisions and choices during the by-elections which will be held on 26 March 2022.


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