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Privacy and surveillance

ACHPR Special Rapporteur engages Mnangagwa on ‘Patriot Bill’

In a letter to President Mnangagwa last week, the Commissioner advised that the proposed law will have the effect of curtailing the exercise of rights such as media freedom and freedom of expression, the right to privacy, access to information, freedom of conscience, political rights, freedom to demonstrate and petition, and freedom of assembly and association.

POTRAZ to investigate alleged third-party access to personal data

“We take this opportunity to assure MISA Zimbabwe in particular, and the public in general, that the Data Protection Authority (DPA) is on a trajectory to promote and enforce better protection of personal information in line with the mandate encapsulated under the Act.”

MISA Zimbabwe 2022 State of the Media Report (Now Available)

While Zimbabwe is commendably not among the African countries with jailed journalists, the country witnessed an upsurge in the number of cases involving the assaults of journalists at political gatherings/rallies, with some sustaining injuries for which they sought medical treatment.

Right to privacy increasingly under threat in Zimbabwe

The right to privacy is very critical because it is an enabling right that allows for the exercise of media freedom and freedom of expression. It is in that context that the confidentiality of media sources is key and equally protected by the Constitution.