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Guided by the  universal theme, MISA Zimbabwe is running with the localised theme: Positioning the Media to Amplify the Environment Story for a Sustainable Future. 

MISA accelerating  safety of female journalists online

Resolution 522 highlights and laments that, digital violence is increasingly gendered and disproportionately affects women, through inter alia threats of sexual violence, misogynistic disinformation campaigns and revenge pornography…

MISA Zimbabwe 2022 State of the Media Report (Now Available)

While Zimbabwe is commendably not among the African countries with jailed journalists, the country witnessed an upsurge in the number of cases involving the assaults of journalists at political gatherings/rallies, with some sustaining injuries for which they sought medical treatment.

Region should pay attention to shrinking civic space

The summit was organised by Accountability Lab, Ford Foundation, WFD, NED, Alliance for Finance Monitoring, African Election Observation Network, Christian Churches Monitoring Group, International IDEA, Kofi Annan Foundation, Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network, The Carter Centre, Zambia, the European Partnership for Democracy, the European Union,  the Westminster Foundation, the African Election Observation Network and MISA Regional Office. 

Reporting on Illicit Finance in Africa (Harare)

MISA Zimbabwe, of the Media Institute of Southern Africa in partnership with Thomson Reuters Foundation, are looking for Zimbabwean journalists who are motivated to understand how their country could be losing money via illicit means.