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Anti-fake news campaigns direct attack on free expression and A2I

Internet-based communications have made it easier and more affordable to communicate. Unfortunately, this ease of sharing communication has also made it easier to disseminate misinformation. At times, inaccurate information is shared deliberately as part of...

Zimbabwe’s urgent need for data privacy laws

This short digest discusses two ICT related events that show how dated Zimbabwean laws are when it comes to the protection and promotion of fundamental rights in the digital age.

The need for minimum USSD standards in Zimbabwe

On the 2nd and 3rd of July 2018 consumers nationwide struggled to make Ecocash transactions as the system was not working. Mobile banking consumers also struggled with intermittent mobile banking services for the most part of the same two-day period.

Zimbabwe reduces mobile data rates

The Minister of ICT and Cyber Security Supa Mandiwanzira, this morning announced an almost 60% reduction in the cost of mobile data.

Omnibus cyber bill muddies fundamental rights

The proposed merging of the three cyber bills into one bill as recently announced by the responsible minister could result in the muddying and undermining of other fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.