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Zimbabwe experiences major internet blackout

MISA Zimbabwe calls on the government to develop internet back-up plans to avoid blackouts, after the country experienced a huge internet outage as a result of a technical failure.

Commentary series: Cybersecurity and Cybercrimes Bill

The Centre for Law and Technology Development and MISA Zimbabwe bring to you a commentary series on the third draft of the proposed Cybersecurity and Cybercrimes Bill (2017).  This analysis comes on the backdrop of fast-paced technological developments in the country...

Data tariffs to be reduced

MISA Zimbabwe welcomes moves by the Zimbabwean government to facilitate the downward review of mobile data prices in the country.

Government suspends proposed floor tariffs

MISA Zimbabwe welcomes the government’s decision to suspend the exorbitant increase in mobile network voice and data charges through the setting of floor tariffs following a public outcry.