ZPC move to acquire more surveillance drones

ZPC move to acquire more surveillance drones

After losing close to US$5 Million worth of equipment due to theft and vandalism Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has gone to tender to acquire more drones to help curtail vandalism and theft cases through constantly surveilling their properties.

ZPC reportedly introduced drone surveillance in June 2019 to help curb theft curses as well as to help detects faults location and detection according to the Daily News:

In a notice published in the latest Government Gazette, the ZETDC said it was looking for suppliers of “enterprise drones and cameras for inspection of high voltage equipment”. Theft and vandalism of electricity infrastructure have become prevalent.

In 2018 alone, Zesa lost US$5 million to vandalism of infrastructure, including theft of transformer oil and copper cables.

This article was originally published on Pindula News on 18 September 2019: https://news.pindula.co.zw/2019/09/18/zpc-move-to-acquire-more-surveillance-drones/

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