Police assault journalist in Harare City Centre

Police assault journalist in Harare City Centre

Police this afternoon assaulted journalist Costa Nkomo while they were rounding up vendors in the Harare City Centre. Nkomo is a journalist with online publication 263Chat.

Costa Nkomo’s back injury. Picture courtesy of Costa Nkomo

At the time of the assault, Nkomo was recording skirmishes between the police and vendors when an unnamed police officer whipped him on the back.

Other police officers restrained their colleague and apologised on his behalf when Nkomo produced his media accreditation card.

MISA Zimbabwe Position

MISA Zimbabwe condemns the wanton assault of journalists in the course of their constitutionally guaranteed duties.

Media practitioners are advised to utilise the MISA JournoSOS App as well as the MISA Panic Button App in the event of any violations. MISA Zimbabwe staff is also on standby to assist media practitioners injured or arrested in the line of duty. The MISA Hotline is 0784 437 338.



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