Cybersecurity Commentary: Issue 4 now available!

Cybersecurity Commentary: Issue 4 now available!

The Centre for Law and Technology Development and MISA Zimbabwe bring to you a commentary series on the third draft of the proposed Cybersecurity and Cybercrimes Bill (2017).

Following the brief 2017 year end break, we return with this fourth instalment of the commentary series on the draft Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill.

As a follow up to the Third instalment that focused on the Definition of Terms for Computer Device and Remote Forensic Tool, this edition examines the definition of the term Computer Data Storage Medium. This edition highlights how the wide definition of the term in the current draft bill may lead to the violation of fundamental human rights such as the right to privacy.

For the full instalment, download a copy here:  Issue 4: Definition of Terms Part II

The first three installments of the series are available for download on the MISA Zimbabwe e-resource under Broadcasting and ICTs.

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