Transform the ZBC into an independent public broadcaster

Transform the ZBC into an independent public broadcaster

We the undersigned, are concerned citizens who are urging our leaders and the relevant authorities to act now to transform the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) into a truly independent and representative public service broadcaster as prescribed by the African Charter on Broadcasting.

This call follows several report findings and monitoring of ZBC’s performance over the years by, among others, the Parliament of Zimbabwe and media civil society organisations as well as citizens’  opinions on the conduct of the government-controlled broadcaster.

It is further informed by the recently publicised findings and recommendations of the government-sanctioned Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (IMPI) and further buttressed by the  recommendations of a comprehensive forensic audit conducted by Zimbabwe’s KPMG Chartered Accountants.

These findings and recommendations have confirmed that ZBC lacks independence and is therefore unable to fulfill its public service mandate.

Please kindly sign the petition and add your voice to the demand for the transformation of the ZBC into a truly independent public service broadcaster.

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