Media freedom monitoring

Media Freedom Monitoring

Campaign for Media Freedom Monitoring

Media freedom monitoring is one of the core activities of MISA Zimbabwe since its establishment in 1995.

This assists the organisation to compile accurate and detailed information and records on abuses or progress being made towards a free, independent, diverse and pluralistic media as envisaged by the Windhoek Declaration.

The abuses or violations against media freedom and freedom of expression are issued in the form of alerts to educate people on the nature and trend of the violations. Alerts serve as advocacy tools or research documents that can assist in influencing legislative and policy changes as well as exposing the perpetrators of the violations for purposes of making them accountable.

Physical or verbal attacks or threats against journalists during the course of their or as a result of their work, is a violation against journalists’ right to do their work or report freely. Other forms of violations include journalists, that are either:

assaulted, arrested, killed, censored, threatened, kidnapped, injured, denied credentials, missing, wrongfully expelled; during the course of their work or as a direct result of their work as journalists.

This also includes news organisations that are:

  • Attacked or illegally searched
  • Censored
  • Closed by force
  • Raided, copies of their newspapers and recording equipment confiscated or transmission jammed

The introduction or amendment of legislation to hinder journalists from conducting their work freely and without fear, also constitutes violation of media freedom, and will accordingly be reported as alerts on media freedom violations.