Media violations and victories

Officers in the President’s department this morning invited 263Chat journalist Lovejoy Mutongwiza for an interview at the Harare Central Police station. The interview lasted an estimated 2 hours. Mutongwiza, who was accompanied by MISA Zimbabwe lawyer, Christopher Mhike, was released without any charges. 

During the process, the interviewing officers expressed concern about the coverage of events that they said had an impact on national security and safety. According to the lawyer Christopher Mhike, the officers did not allow him or any of the editorial staff that was accompanying Mutongwiza to sit in on the interview. 

At the conclusion of the interview, Mhike gave the following statement: 

“I do confirm that today, August 29 2019, 263Chat journalist Lovejoy Mutongwiza reported at Harare Central Police station in response to an invitation that had been extended to him by the President’s department. The department wanted to discuss with Lovejoy issues relating to his coverage of State events. He was not charged for contravening any law and he was released after about 2 hours.” 

MISA Stance: