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Media law reform and legislation

Communique: Update on media policies

Nick Mangwana the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting made a number of revelations on how the government intends to move forward with media policies in Zimbabwe.

Government to prioritise media law reforms

The government says it will prioritise the alignment of all media laws with the constitution during the coming year, Nick Mangwana, the secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting has said.

Justification for granting of broadcasting licences unclear at law

National daily newspaper, The Herald, recently published an article in which the immediate former permanent secretary of Information George Charamba explained circumstances under which broadcasting licences were issued in the absence of a Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) Board.

President Mnangagwa should prioritise media reforms

Journalists, media practitioners and representatives of media organisations have implored President Emmerson Mnangagwa to prioritise implementation of the long overdue media reforms following his inauguration as the new Zimbabwean leader.

AIPPA misnomer to access to information

There is the need for more advocacy journalism if I can put it that way, that keeps pushing the boundaries in the hope of enhancing freedom of expression and of the media.

Broadcasting licensing process stifles diversity

The process of applying and obtaining a broadcasting licence in Zimbabwe especially as a private player unattached to the ruling establishment is at best described as an impossibility.