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Foreign journalist assaulted twice in same week

In a tweet sent out this afternoon, Joseph Cotterill (@jsphctrl) a Southern Africa correspondent at the Financial Times spoke about his encounters with Zimbabwean security forces.

Matrix of offline and online events around the protests

This election has also been significant because of the increasing role social media and other ICT tools have played in election-related matters. This short write up details three online events caused directly by actions in the “offline” world.

Soldier assaults foreign journalist

Yeshiel Panchia a journalist with the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) was on 2 August 2018 assaulted by a soldier following deployment of the army to quell protests in Harare.

Zimbabwe’s urgent need for data privacy laws

This short digest discusses two ICT related events that show how dated Zimbabwean laws are when it comes to the protection and promotion of fundamental rights in the digital age.