Media violations and victories

In that story, the newspaper quoted the deputy minister as having said that members of the military would not recognise Chamisa as President if he were to win the upcoming general elections. This story was based on a video recording of the deputy minister speaking at a Zanu PF cell meeting held in Mandara, Harare earlier this week.

MISA Stance:

The assault of the journalists is of grave concern more so when this violence is instigated by public officials such as the deputy minister. MISA Zimbabwe condemns the alleged assault with the contempt it deserves. These wanton assaults cannot be allowed to continue with impunity as they undermine the constitutional role of the media in entrenching democracy through performing its normative forth estate role.

We implore the President, government and other state security agents to ensure the safety and security of journalists conducting their lawful professional duties. As Zimbabwe heads towards national elections, it is imperative for journalists to be able to carry out their work without fear of assault at the hands of public officials. Even during election season, media freedoms enshrined in Section 61(2) of the Constitution still stand.  We have said it before and will repeat it now, journalism is not a crime.