Journalists walkout in solidarity

Journalists walkout in solidarity

Journalists covering a  Zanu PF meeting in the eastern border town of Mutare on 24 March 2018 walked out in solidarity after the party’s Manicaland provincial chairperson  Mike Madiro barred reporters from the private media from covering the event.

According to Newsday’s edition of 27 March 2018, Madiro asked journalists from the private media to leave the meeting. However, state media journalists also left the meeting  in solidarity with their colleagues from the private media.

MISA Zimbabwe position

MISA Zimbabwe applauds the stance taken by the journalists in solidarity and support of their colleagues from the private media.  This will go a long way in depolarising the media in Zimbabwe and spur other journalists to defend  their professional rights as provided for in the Constitution.

Journalists should not allow politicians or any other persons  for that matter, to divide them on the basis of who they work for. Instead, journalists should always rally behind one another especially where it concerns the unlawful arrest, detention, assault or harassment of their colleagues.


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