All eyes on digital migration process

All eyes on digital migration process

MISA Zimbabwe this week launched the first of its monthly digital migration monitoring reports, aptly entitled Digital Migration Footprints.

The Digital Migration Footprints series is an analysis of major highlights of a process set to change television broadcasting in the country in the public interest. Digitisation will make broadcasting more equitable, just and people centered while connecting formerly marginalised communities, MISA Zimbabwe has noted.

Zimbabwe, like other counties in Africa, is preparing to meet the obligatory International Telecommunications Union (ITU) deadline of June 17, 2015, of migration from analogue to digital broadcasting. After this date frequencies set aside for analogue television transmission will no longer be protected against cross border interference.

In this first edition MISA Zimbabwe reiterates its call to the relevant authorities for accessibility, openness and transparency of information on the digital migration process through regular updates on Zimbabwe’s digital migration plans and developments.


The initiative forms parts of MISA-Zimbabwe’s broader Access to Information campaign.

Download the MISA-Zimbabwe’s report on digital migration process here.