Media violations and victories

Masola who is the managing director of Solahart, a company allegedly contracted to install the pre-paid metres by ZESA, drew out his gun and placed it noisily on his desk in Mhlanga’s full view before demanding that Mhlanga reveal his sources. Pursuant to this encounter, Mhlanga claims that he has been receiving text messages with similar threats from a private number, prompting him to report the matter to the police. Police investigations are still underway.
MISA Stance:
MISA-Zimbabwe strongly condemns such blatant assaults on the right of media freedom which is clearly enshrined in section 61 of the constitution. The section stipulates that every person is entitled to freedom of the media which freedom includes protection of the confidentiality of journalists’ sources of information. MISA-Zimbabwe also urges the police to speedily investigate this matter and bring the culprit to book. Further, MISA-Zimbabwe urges the government to urgently align the country’s media laws with the constitution to ensure that the media enjoys the full protection accorded it by the right to media freedom as guaranteed under the constitution.