Media violations and victories

Prominent Zimbabwean musician Sulumani Chimbetu on 5 April 2019 reportedly assaulted freelance journalist Tendai Guvamombe after the musician did not take kindly to a question that had been put to him by the journalist.

Guvamombe told MISA Zimbabwe that the incident occurred during a clean-up exercise in Harare’s high-density suburb of Glen Norah in which Chimbetu also participated.

The journalist approached the musician and requested for an interview on why Chimbetu had let down an upcoming musician he was supposed to have collaborated with, in a music video.

The question, for reasons still unknown to Guvamombe, apparently irked the musician. The musician, with the assistance of another person, then proceeded to punch the journalist on the sides of his abdomen.

Guvamombe reported the assault at Harare Central Police Station under report IR040490. The police also signed for his request for a medical report after he advised them that he was in pain. Guvamombe was duly examined at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he was advised that he had not sustained any serious injuries following the assault.

MISA Stance: