Campaign with us

Campaign with us

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MISA Zimbabwe’s campaigns  are aimed at mobilising and involving Zimbabwean citizens  in pushing for an environment in which they enjoy free expression, access to information and privacy of communication and a media that is free, independent, diverse and pluralistic.

Campaigns underway include:

Broadcasting Diversity Campaign

This campaign is hinged on the need for a diverse and independent three-tier broadcasting sector that includes public service, community and commercial broadcasting in the country. Under this campaign MISA Zimbabwe is pushing for  the transformation of the  Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation(ZBC), into a truly independent broadcaster accountable to the citizenry through Parliament.

Join the campaign by being part of the conversations and petitions for truly independent ZBC.

Democratic Internet Governance Campaign

Following the adoption of a global multi-stakeholder strategy advocating for open internet governance at the Tunis Agenda in 2005, MISA-Zimbabwe launched a campaign to increase national dialogue on internet freedom as the country undergoes processes to enact cyberlaws.

Join the dialogue and participate in lobby and advocacy initiatives for safe and open internet in Zimbabwe.

Access to Information – Right to Know, Key to life Campaign

This is a multi-stakeholder campaign that focuses on entrenching Zimbabwe’s constitutionally guaranteed right to information as provided for under Section 62 of the Constitution.

The campaign seeks to encourage a culture of openness, transparency, accountability and free flow of information and access to information that is relevant to the day to day lives of Zimbabwean people. The campaign which has attracted mainstream civil society and community based organisations in Zimbabwe, targets public offices through requests for relevant socio- economic and political information.

Join the campaign.

Journalism Safety and Security Campaign

In order to safeguard and protect media freedom, MISA Zimbabwe’s campaign aims at imparting safety and security skills to practising journalists as well as providing timely legal aid to journalists in distress.

Join the campaign by assisting with the monitoring of media violations and reporting such violations to MISA Zimbabwe.