Become a MISA member

Become a MISA member

Membership helps with access to information

MISA Zimbabwe has grown since 1997 with 180 paid up members comprising of media practitioners and media houses. Through a constitutional amendment made in 2001, MISA Zimbabwe is now accepting associate membership from persons with an interest in media freedom and freedom of expression. MISA Zimbabwe has also since decentralized some of its activities to advocacy committees that are recognized in its Constitution through a constitutional amendment enacted in 2008.

MISA Chapters offer various types of membership, including membership for individuals, students and media institutions.

To become a member of MISA, first find out more about your local MISA Chapter Office.

When you are ready to apply, complete this online form [AP84]and remember to select which MISA Chapter Office you want to join.

As a MISA member, you will be helping to build the strength and legitimacy we need to continue fighting for media freedom and freedom of expression in southern Africa.