Media Support

Media Support

Media Support

Under this programme, MISA Zimbabwe provides professional assistance to media organisations and freelance journalists based on identified skill needs and deficiencies to foster media professionalism and accountability.

This is done through training workshops, guest lectures at training institutions and universities, meetings, stakeholder conferences, press club debates, journalism competitions and collaborations with other media organizations and civic society organizations with expertise relevant to fostering media professionalism.

The organization also conducts research on media development trends and produces handbooks or manuals for use by journalists and media workers.

Advocacy and lobby meetings with key interest groups, policy makers and decision makers are also conducted towards securing an environment conducive to free and unhindered journalistic enterprise.

Priorities: Membership issues, training needs assessment and evaluation, training, reviewing sustainability model for MISA , Media Industry Index, media training institutions engagement, establish a media support fund, sustainability model for the print media.

Activities: training clinics on key issues from Media Industry Index, media industry directory, calendar of guest lectures, engage JAMTAZ, joint knowledge, production initiatives (journals), training workshops on entrepreneurial skills, reviewing sustainability model, training needs assessment and evaluation, journalism winter and summer schools, fundraising, establish terms of reference for Media Support Fund.

Expected Outcomes: professional media, media viability and sustainability , enhanced media entrepreneurial skills, MISA Zimbabwe sustainability, knowledge of scope of Media Industry, new media epistemology, increased brand visibility, MISA as a lead media knowledge and training organization.