Broadcasting Diversity and ICTs

Broadcasting Diversity and ICTs

Campaign for Broadcasting Diversity & ICT’s

 Zimbabwe, is yet to achieve a three-tier broadcasting system, as the government has not yet licensed community radio stations in the country and continues to grapple with a policy and legal framework for the sector.

MISA Zimbabwe continues to lobby for community radio sector that is free from political or commercial interference and can therefore facilitate public platforms for debate and discussion and promote social agendas.

Also key to the campaign is the Public Service Broadcasting Campaign. MISA Zimbabwe continues to campaign for the transformation of its national broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), in to a true and public broadcaster that represents the whole citizenry without commercial nor state-owned, and is therefore free from political or commercial interference.

With the convergence of the telecommunications, communication and media sectors, MISA Zimbabwe has also found that it has had to incorporate online rights work and monitor trends in the country. This is to ensure that there is acknowledgement of the shifting digital environments in the country; and the manner in which legislation, including privacy and national security laws, to gain control over digital spaces and infrastructure.

Priorities: Digitization, ICTs and Broadcasting Convergence, Sustainability of Community Radios, Research, Transformation of ZBC.

Activities: Litigation on ZBC (constitutional court challenge), public awareness campaigns on digitization, engagement with Parliament and government, Transmedia, Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, research on set top boxes, research on encryption of signals, community media training on sustainability.

Expected Outcomes: Public knowledge and awareness of import of digitization, viable sustainable community radio model, licensed CRIs, court ruling on ZBC, initiatives and debate on convergence.